We’ve been busy putting together a list of our most prized pieces to help you brighten up someone’s Christmas. At Isabelle Bizard Lamps we have a passion for expertly crafted and fantastically creative works of art. Our collections range from precious lamps to handmade Murano glass vases.

Make this Christmas unforgettable for someone you love.



Are you looking to delight someone with impeccable style, whose home decor never ceases to impress? If you would describe them as someone with a great interior eye and a penchant for colour, then here are two ideas for a perfect gift:

Ipanema Lamp

Ipanema Lamp

This tall and slender ‘Ipanema’ lamp consists of three stunning purple agate slices. It’s completely customisable with various hues of agate available. You’re able to individually select each agate slice in an array of colours including deep blues, raspberry pinks, verdant greens and the rich purples you can see here.

Palazzo Glassware Collection


Our dazzling purple ‘Palazzo’ tumblers have to be seen, as their vibrant colours can only be truly appreciated in person. Shaped using a unique free-hand technique, they each have slight variations in form and are sensational to hold.



Mothers are tricky gift-receivers as they always say: “they don’t need anything”. Therefore, we suggest focusing on finding something they will love! We have picked out some of our favourite pieces that will be sure to become treasured keepsakes.

Coral Naxos Table Lamp

Named after the island where the coral was sourced, the ‘Coral Naxos’ table lamp is an elegant statement piece. The size of the lamp is guided by the sizeable coral at it’s centre which is then framed in a sleek brass square. Attention is paid to every detail, with a decorative twisted cord and plug in a matching brass finish.

Coral Naxos Table Lamp


To honour the special relationship you have with your Grandmother, we have selected some gifts to show her how much you appreciate her. For a gift that will remind her of you whenever she uses it, these are some options we are sure she will love:

Set of 6 Palazzo Glassware Tumblers

Set of 6 Palazzo Glassware Tumblers

With a classic fili ritorti pattern, these glamorous Gold Palazzo Tumblers glow in candlelight. Handmade by skilled Murano artisans, the distinct nature of each glass makes them a covetable gift. Wonderful as a set, they can also be used as vases for a delicate bloom of flowers.

Capri Lamp 

Every one of these polished, mother-of-pearl shells has its own unique shape and texture. Featuring an adjustable rod, this cleverly designed lamp can be set to the optimal height. Loved and adored (and our best-seller), the lustrous Capri Lamp can be placed anywhere in the home to create a moment of tranquillity.

Capri Lamp


At Isabelle Bizard we travel to find some of the world’s most gifted artisans and utilise their craft in the creation of our unique products. Every piece incorporates natural materials, including precious stones, unique shells and spectacular corals. 

Due to our highly selective and creative process, collections, such as the ‘Murrines’ shown below, stand between the borders of art, product and design. Made with love, our limited collections, and often one-off pieces, contain original characteristics adding to their incomparable charm.

Bahia Lamp

Bahia Lamp

We set this enchanting amethyst atop a bespoke hexagonal brass base, mirroring the gorgeous angles throughout the stone. Light hits the many projections on this gorgeous Bahia Lamp, casting its beautiful purple rays across the room.

Murrines Glassware Collection

Murrines Glassware Collection

Our kaleidoscopic ‘Murrines’ collection is created through an intricate process of layered glass canes which are cut and hand-blown in the Murano workshop.


Available in a range of spectacular colours and patterns, they come in glass tumblers, tea lights, bowls and ‘one-bloom’ and medium-sized vases.



Create your own show-stopping table setting (or choose a gift for somebody you love) with our limited edition Christmas boxes. 


Christmas Gift boxes


Our Christmas boxes feature some of Isabelle’s favourite pieces from ‘Murrines’ collection in sets of two or four pieces.


Wherever you spend Christmas this year, the Isabelle Bizard Lamps Team wishes you

a wonderful time filled with love, delicious foods and lots of sparkle.