Isabelle de Béru-Bizard, a French native, now London based, 
 launched her eponym company of luxury lighting in 2015.


Her enthusiasm and passion for beauty being the result of her French upbringing which developed her natural eclectic style. After a few years studying French Litterature at La Sorbonne University in Paris, she decided to express herself through art and design.

Finding inspiration through travel and from collecting treasures along the way, she combines her flair with beautiful natural pieces into precious lamps.

Isabelle believes inspiration is a state of mind; it is about being curious and sensitive to all surroundings, merging images, patterns, colors or even odors as fantastic source of creativity.

With her love for beauty and design, she prides herself in creating exclusive pieces for elegant and timeless interiors.


Isabelle has an eclectic approach by combining one-of-a-kind pieces with natural materials, finding inspiration whether in the natural shape of a shell, the dazzling agate or the intense amethyst.

Using the finest European craftmanship, each lamp is hand-crafted individually at the workshop, highlighting the best feature in every piece.

Mounted with precious and unique natural jewels creating « Objets d’Art », Isabelle brings out the pure beauty of nature in stylish and totally unique lighting.